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The finest traditional products for your Scottish wedding, available in any family tartan.

We can help you create and weave your own unique Wedding Tartan to commemorate this special day. Combine tartans, or colours, from each side of the family into a new design to symbolise your union. You can even officially record your tartan for posterity. What a talking point!

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Planning the Perfect Scottish Wedding

The Scotweb Tartan Mill 7-Step Guide

1. Create your own exclusive Wedding Tartan. (No Scots blood required.)

ladies capes wraps stoles and serapes

Traditionally, tartan proudly displays your clan or family heritage. So when two families unite, what better way to signify their union than to with a commemorative wedding tartan that combines elements from both sides? And what a talking point!

It couldn't be easier, using our incredible online Tartan Designer. If either family already has a tartan, start with the colours and pattern from that. Or just choose shades and numbers that are meaningful to each side, and weave them into your design. Perhaps include white, either as a background or as a line. If you don't feel confident, just ask and we can help.

2. Kilts in your tartan for the Groom & Best Man

ladies capes wraps stoles and serapes

Now that you've created your beautiful commemorative wedding tartan, you have the fun of deciding how to use it and wear it. That's limited only by your imagination. But there's a couple of garments that are no-brainers! Who wouldn't want their husband-to-be alongside his Best Man, splendidly attired in the sexiest garments in the world?

For a traditional wedding, we'd normally recommend the stunning full-dress Prince Charlie Outfit for the man of the moment, with the slightly less formal Argyll Outfit for the Best Man. But we can also supply more contemporary cuts with rouches instead of bow ties, or even more dramatic styles such as the Regimental Doublet. Again, just ask as our expertly trained staff love to help.

3. Pure spun silk for the Bride... in your wedding tartan too!

Have some of your tartan woven as pure spun silk (we weave it at our own mill, and it's everything that silk should feel like, so ideal for your big occasion). Perhaps your wedding dress designer would like to include some in your dress? Or maybe you'd love a sash, to complete your evening outfit? At the same time we can make you up a corsage, a garter, or favours of any kind.

4. Decorate the church & reception in your tartan

ladies capes wraps stoles and serapes

For table cloths or runners, chair backs, wall or ceiling hangings, table decorations, flower arrangements, or any other use you or your designer might conceive, we can supply either finished products or fabric in any length. As well as our fine wools and silks, for volume uses we might recommend polyvisose which we can weave to match the wools and silks in your garments, but more economically. And we can supply ribbons & bows in popular tartans, or in any tartan for larger events.

5. Don't forget the gifts & favours

ladies capes wraps stoles and serapes

It's the little touches that make a wedding special. And that's where having your own unique tartan can really come into its own. From a tartan corsage for the bridesmaids, or cufflinks in your tartan for the best man and ushers... to a silk or wool garter for the bride, or a ring-cushion, we can produce almost anything in your exclusive wedding plaid.

And of course we can supply a wide range of superior quality wedding gifts. Quaichs for toasting the happy couple, or engraving as a gift. Glass and crystal ware. We can even offer a fabulous range of cuddly animals, each decked out in your special wedding tartan, as a gift for the children... or the adults!

6. Cashmere & Silk Accessories for the reception

ladies capes wraps stoles and serapes

Everyone wants to look their best at a wedding. And there's something for everyone in our stunning range of cashmere and silk accessories. We offer the world's finest selection of sashes, stoles, and shawls - in cashmere and silk, including in your own special wedding tartan. Everything we offer is the finest of its kind, so you can rest assured that you'll look and feel wonderful on this very special occasion.

7. Enjoy your great day!

Finally, the most important advice of all... remember to enjoy yourself! Never lose touch with the fact that the reason for bringing everyone together on this special day is that you love someone, and they love you. And you want to testify to this in front of your nearest and dearest. Nothing else really matters that much.

In the end it's all about family. And for centuries tartan has been the thread that visibly weaves families together. So make it the fabric of your special day, saying beautifully to all present that your two families are now united as one, never again to part.

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