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Earthy Saegoah

Design ID: 62078

Earthy Saegoah
Designed by Rua Lupa
Brief description This is a symbolic representation of earth and sol (our host star) in space. It is made with the intent that those who wear it would show and be reminded of how we are all citizens of the cosmos; that this planet, earth, is home to us all; and because this is everyone's home we should always be respectful of our interconnections with one another.
What inspired the design? From earth we always see the sun in a blue sky and forget that it is indeed a star, just like the ones we see in the black skies at night. We also tend to not realize that we too are in space floating among the stars. This portrayal provides the perspective that we are in space and together share this planet we call home.
Why did you choose these colours?
Canary Yellow
For sol, our host star
Pastel Blue
The sky, our breath and shield
Ross Green
The vegetation on earth that supports most life on this planet
Space, the deepest of nights
Barley Brown
Soil, made from what was once living and continues to support the living through nourishing the vegetation that feeds other life
What meaning does the number or arrangement of lines have, if any? No answer given yet.
Does it represent a group or event (business, club, wedding, etc.)? This would represent Saegoahs - Seekers of Ehoah (seekers of complete harmony within Nature). Who follow the philosophy that as humans are part of Nature it is important to ensure our connections within it are harmonious.
Is it associated with a locality (city, region, country etc.) Earth
How do you plan to use it (garments, furnishings, etc)? It would be mostly worn as a great kilt / belted plaid (feileadh mor) for its practical multifunctional use out of doors.
Do you expect to weave it, or produce it in other ways? I hope to eventually weave my own from scratch in the Society of Creative Anachronism

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