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Pride Rainbow

Design ID: 49327

Pride Rainbow
Designed by Brian K
Brief description I have tried to design pride tartans before but I have rarely been satisfied with the results. (Of course, I was, in part, intimidated by Amble's "Soft Rainbow" - look it up, it's worth a gander) Actif1 inspired me to try again. First, I used brighter colors in order to be closer to "conventional" rainbow colors. Second, I used 7 colors to match the tradtional arrangement of the spectrum - ROYGBIV. I also varied the size of the stripes more than actif 1 did and guarded each one with a narrow black stripe to make each stripe more distinct. My sett is also symmetrical - I have rarely seen an asymmetrical sett I liked. (I've also done a version without the black for contrast...or to show the lack of same.) Of course, with seen pro colors plus black it would be an expensive project.
What inspired the design? actif1's Pride 16
Why did you choose these colours?
Bright Scarlet
Safety Orange
Forest Green
Royal Blue
Persian Indigo
Blue Purple
What meaning does the number or arrangement of lines have, if any? No answer given yet.
Does it represent a group or event (business, club, wedding, etc.)? No answer given yet.
Is it associated with a locality (city, region, country etc.) No answer given yet.
How do you plan to use it (garments, furnishings, etc)? No answer given yet.
Do you expect to weave it, or produce it in other ways? No answer given yet.

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