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Edinburgh Trams

Design ID: 18013

Edinburgh Trams
Designed by Nick Fiddes (Scotweb)
Brief description A tartan to reflect the efficiency, aesthetics, technical quality, and popularity of Edinburgh's new tram lines. Sorry, line.
What inspired the design? This great Scottish engineering project needs its own tartan -- designed and implemented to much the same professional standards.
Why did you choose these colours?
Ross Green
Green for eco-wash
Gold for consultants' fees
White for the acres of newsprint
Red for politicians' faces
What meaning does the number or arrangement of lines have, if any? The obvious thing might have been to create a symmetrical design based on twin, well, tramlines. But this assumes the contractors will get that little detail right. So instead I chose some random lines going nowhere in particular.
Does it represent a group or event (business, club, wedding, etc.)? The tartan is for every citizen and visitor to Edinburgh, to enjoy as they sit in their much-loved roadworks day after day awaiting the project's completion.
Is it associated with a locality (city, region, country etc.) Edinburgh, obviously. And Germany, where most of our tax money is going.
How do you plan to use it (garments, furnishings, etc)? I confidently expect the Council to adopt this as for the new Tram livery when the network starts to operate in 2012, or 13, or 15, or... Don't you think?
Do you expect to weave it, or produce it in other ways? Absolutely. Order it today. We'll charge you right now. Then we'll surcharge you as much as we like, by as much as we like, whenever it suits us. Okay?

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