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USA World Cup 2010

Design ID: 14087

USA World Cup 2010
Designed by Nick Fiddes (Scotweb)
Brief description A check plaid to be worn by all free-thinking Bravehearts for the 2010 World Cup, in support of the the millions of Scots emigrants living in the USA.
What inspired the design? The pattern in inspired by the traditional plaid worn by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, the internationally recognised symbol of inspirational resistance. This is overlaid by the colours of the United States flag, to show tongue-in-cheek support for England's opponents, in keeping with the Tartan Army's tradition of teasing our great friends to the South.
Why did you choose these colours?
In the original Braveheart plaid
1928 Brown
In the original Braveheart plaid
Winter Hazel
In the original Braveheart plaid
Umber Brown
In the original Braveheart plaid
Egyptian Blue
from the Stars and Stripes
from the Stars and Stripes
White Lilac
from the Stars and Stripes
What meaning does the number or arrangement of lines have, if any? The broad bands come from the original Braveheart check. The narrow bands represent the hopes of more than one nation.
Does it represent a group or event (business, club, wedding, etc.)? It represents anyone anywhere who couldn't bear to see the endlessly repeated newsreels from 1966 updated.
Is it associated with a locality (city, region, country etc.) Most parts of the world, with the possible exception of the bit in-between France and Scotland.
How do you plan to use it (garments, furnishings, etc)? Available to order in authentic Harris Tweed, hand-woven tartan kilts, woollen scarves, and more.
Do you expect to weave it, or produce it in other ways? The first orders are already in!

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