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Hatcher (Texas)

Design ID: 14080

Hatcher (Texas)
Designed by William Hatcher
Brief description No description given yet.
What inspired the design? Since there was no family tartan that I could find, I designed this one on the favorite colors of myself, my wife, and my five boys. Our family is a very blended family with a mixture of full blood siblings, step siblings, and adopted siblings.
Why did you choose these colours?
My favorite color
Prussian Blue
One of the middle childrens favorite color
My wife's favorite color
Royal Purple
One of the middle childrens favorite color
My youngest's favorite color
Fire Brick
One of the middle childrens favorite color (he likes dark reds)
My oldest child's favorite color
What meaning does the number or arrangement of lines have, if any? The large Black and Violet lines represent me and my wife. The green line represents my oldest boy. The three small lines, Blue, Purple and Dark Red represent my middle boys who are only about a year apart, and the smallest Red line represents my youngest. There is no significance to the order of the lines of the children other than to be visually pleasing. The thread count in each color represents the difference in ages between each child and between the children and parents. Each pair of threads represents one year based on the year of birth, not the number of months separating each. The smallest red line represents the approximate age of our youngest at the time my wife and I first got married, first creating our family.
Does it represent a group or event (business, club, wedding, etc.)? My immediate family
Is it associated with a locality (city, region, country etc.) No
How do you plan to use it (garments, furnishings, etc)? Prince Charlie outfit and Pipe bag cover
Do you expect to weave it, or produce it in other ways? not personally.

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