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Latest Rutledge talk Source and Origin of Rutledge Tartan Fellow Rutledges, Many of you are of the understanding that there is no official Rutledge tartan from history, and I would have agreed. However, I have confirmed with Scotweb the source of the patterns. This tartan was registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans on 11 January 2000, designed by the late Don Smith of Heraldic Graphics, Glasgow, in collaboration with Richard Armstrong Rutledge of Michigan, USA. Registration details can be found at the Register's site: http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/tartanDetails.aspx?ref=3623 (Registration Numbers: SRT#3623, STA#4019, STWR#2802) As Richard's own account states, the registered design is based on one he saw while traveling, and Don Smith agreed that it likely existed centuries ago but like many others was never registered. They used colors from the adjacent and allied clans on the Anglo-Scots border to finalize the design. It is available to be worn by anyone of the name, including alternate spellings. His account can be found here: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/RUTLEDGE/2002-03/1016915345 So, if you are concerned with being sure to have an exact replica of what was worn by our forefathers (ignoring the debate about clan tartans), you will want to join the rest of us and simply hope that some day an old source may be found. In the meantime, this design is indeed registered, based on reasonable information, and is as authentic as you will find. More importantly, being registered to our name, you can be assured that the rest of us in the "clan" are using the same pattern as is now intended. Cheers~ 1 reply

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