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MacKay of Strathnaver (Modern Colours) Tartan

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Clan Septs and Variant Spellings

The following surnames are historically related and may also wear these tartans
Allan, Allanson, Aue, Ave, Ay, Aye, Bain, Baine, Baines, Bane, Bayin, Bayn, Bayne, Baynes, Baynne, Bean, Beanes, Beine, Bene, Bhaine, Caw, Coid, Fail, Fall, Heth, Kay, Key, Macallan, Macallane, Macaoidh, Macath, Macaw, Macay, Macbain, Macca, Maccaa, Maccaidh, Maccaoidh, Maccaw, Maccawe, Maccay, Maccey, Maccoid, Maccoy, Maccrie, Maccue, Maceda, Maceth, Macethe, Macfaell, Macfail, Macfal, Macfale, Macfall, Macfaul, Macfauld, Macfaull, Macfayle, Macfoill, Macfyall, Macgaa, Macgaw, Macgee, Macghee, Macghie, Macheth, Machie, Maciye, Macka, Mackaa, Mackaay, Mackai, Mackau, Mackaw, Mackawe, Mackay, Macke, Mackeay, Mackee, Mackeiy, Mackew, Mackey, Mackie, Mackphaill, Macky, Mackye, Macpaill, Macpaul, Macphael, Macphaell, Macphail, Macphaile, Macphaill, Macphale, Macphaul, Macphaull, Macphayll, Macphell, Macphial, Macphiel, Macqha, Macqua, Macquade, Macquaid, Macque, Macquery, Macquey, Macquhae, Macquid, Macquiod, Macquoid, Macvail, Macvain, Macvale, Macvane, Macwhaugh, Macwhaw, Macwhey, Macwhy, Macye, Makaw, Makay, Makca, Makcaw, Makcawe, Makcoe, Makfaill, Makfale, Makfele, Makie, Makkaw, Makkcae, Makke, Makkee, Makkey, Makkie, Makphaile, Maky, Morgan, Morgund, Murgan, Neelson, Neillsone, Neilson, Neilsone, Neilsoun, Neilsoune, Neleson, Nelesoun, Nelson, Nelsone, Nelsonne, Nelsoun, Neylsone, Nickphaile, Nielson, Nilson, Nilsone, Nilsoune, Nylson, Pal, Paul, Paule, Paull, Paulson, Paulsoun, Poilson, Poilsone, Poilsoun, Pol, Pole, Poleson, Pollard, Pollsoun, Polson, Polsone, Polsoun, Polsun, Polyson, Polysoun, Poulson, Quaid, Quay, Quoid, Reay, Scobie, Strathnaver, Vail, Williamson

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