The Officer Sgian Dubh - Symbol Crest

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Austin_10070137 , Canada

Wrote... I am totally impressed by this sgian dubh. An exceptionally well-made item that is both decorative and functional! The lion rampant is very detailed. I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that the blade is shipped pre-sharpened. Like what the earlier reviewer have written, I feel like I actually own a weapon! So one word of warning is needed here: Do NOT let little ones get their hands on this sgian dubh unsupervised, as they can cut themselves (or someone else) with the sharp blade.

Per Godejord , Norway

Wrote... My first Sgian Dubh was what I suppose is THE classical item anyone who buys a kilt for the first time acquire. A simple ceremonial Sgian Dubh with black plastic handle, a dull blade, a stone and one`s clan crest embedded. Ok, but boring :-) But when I got hold of the 'The Officer' Sgian Dubh, I suddenly felt as if I actually own a small "weapon" :-) A part from the solid feel of the handle and the blade, it gives a nice historical feel. Regards Per A. Godejord
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