Luxury Tartan Sash

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MacD , Virginia

Wrote... Excellent product, matches my wife's skirt exactly, colors crisp and bright, looks fantastic. Thank you.

Russell , Australia

Wrote... I was able to purchase 3 sashes in family colours as Christmas gifts for my family (mother, sister and wife) as it seems most tartan is worn by men in the family so the sash for the ladies were well appreciated. The colour and feel of the tartan are great.

Nancy , Montana USA

Wrote... Beautiful sash, although I was expecting longer fringe. The length and width are perfect for wearing the sash in different ways. I currently have a vintage Celtic brooch pinned to it so that I can slip it over my right should to wear on my left hip. This sash will be passed down as a heirloom together with my Livingston modern long skirt. Customer service is excellent.

Charles Taylor , Santa Ana, California

Wrote... Was presented to my wife during our ceremony to welcome and make her a part of our family. Made that white dress look even better.

McKee , Ohio, USA

Wrote... Ordered this for the finale of my recent wedding ceremony, put on my new wife right before the presentation. Looked great over her dress, and was long enough to put on her already pinned together. I didn't muss a single hair :-)

Susan , United States

Wrote... This is a really beautiful item that is definitely formal quality! The only difference I noticed on mine is the fringe is noticeably shorter, but that may well be just a variation. I am absolutely satisfied!


Wrote... The general quality & dimensions of this sash -as opposed to smaller, lighter and shorter sashes commonly available-- makes the title of "luxury" sash something more than a generic superlative. This is not a generic sash; it is a luxury sash. From the rolled edges to the extended length --which makes different draping techniques possible-- this sash is what a sash should be. The most appealing (and subtle) factor may be that the tartan is centered so the sash has a balanced look as well as a comfortable heft.

sherri , shropshire

Wrote... i just love this product and am saving to purchase 3 for christmas presents. the quality looks so good! and to personalise it in our cooper clan tartan makes this a inque gift
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