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Classic Kilt Outfit Carrier
by Scotweb Originals

The Classic Kilt Outfit Carrier with integrated and detachable Kilt Roll is the ideal carrier for organising, storing and transporting your kilt outfit.

Brand Scotweb Originals
Dimensions Approx. Carry-All (folded) 62 x 52 x 5cm; Kilt Roll 73 x 14 x 14cm
Materials Nylon.
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Delivery Dispatch in 1 week
Returns No Questions 30 Days - see Full Terms
  • Pockets for Shoes, Shirt and Sporran Accessories
  • Double pocket at front
  • Kilt roll can be detached and carried separately
  • Padded Carry Handle
  • Detachable Shoulder strap
  • Connected buckle for security

Made from durable heavy grade nylon, the Carry-All includes a strong hanger loop and securing strap to hold your outfit in place.

Once the outfit has been secured in the Carry-All it can be stored in a wardrobe or folded. For long term storing or hanging it is not recommended that a kilt be rolled but rather hung to allow air flow (our specially designed kilt hanger is ideal for this).

The Carry-All has an adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle along with fixings to connect to the Kilt Roll. Brogues, shirts, sporrans and accessories are stored in the 3 zipped compartments.

The Kilt Roll is the perfect way to travel with your kilt and prevent the front apron and pleats from creasing. The kilt is laid out on a nylon mat, rolled and secured with 2 elastic straps then placed inside the Kilt Roll bag.

The Carry-All ensures you are always looking smart at every occasion and is the ideal protection for your valuable investment.