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Sporrans & Sporran Flasks

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About our Sporrans & Sporran Flasks
Choose from our extensive range of dress, semi-dress or day-wear sporrans to complete your kilt outfit. Our flasks are designed to fit discretely in your sporran.
Thistle Top Dress Sporran
Our Best Seller in Sporrans & Sporran Flasks

Thistle Top Dress Sporran



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Kilt Outfits

Everything you need to create the perfect kilt outfit.


All our kilts are authentically made in Scotland by the world's top kilt makers, using only finest local fabrics.

Kilt Jackets & Vests

For both casual and formal wear, our stunning range of kilt jackets and vests are of an unbeatable quality.

Kilt Flashes & Garter Ties

Kilt flashes and garter ties can be made in the same tartan as your kilt. A simple alternative is to choose a block colour to contrast or complement...

Fly Plaids & Plaid Brooches

The fly plaid is a formal accessory worn over the shoulder and held in place by your choice of badge, brooch or pin.

Belts & Buckles

Choose the perfect belt and buckle from our extensive range to complement your semi-formal or casual kilt outfit. Please note that belts are not...

Sgian Dubhs

A sgian dubhs (or skian dhu, skeen doo or scian dubh) is worn semi-concealed in the hose on the right side of the right leg. All of our models come...

Kilt Pins

A kilt pin is a decorative pin used on the lower apron of the kilt. We have a huge range for you to choose from, including our extremely popular clan...

Cap Badges

Available in hundreds of different Irish, Welsh and Scottish Clans, these badges are perfect for pinning to your cap, lapel or for holding your tartan...

Carriers & Hangers

A selection of handy hangers, outfit carriers and kilt rolls to keep your kilt outfits in top condition whilst on the move.

Kilt Accessory Sets

Hand-crafted to the highest of standards, a kilt accessories kit would make a heartfelt gift, or favor to a groom's best man.