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8 Yard Traditional Tartan Kilts

Traditional 8 yard kilts, made with pure wool tartans, from only the best mills. We supply almost any commercially-available tartan, in a range of...

Casual 5 Yard Tartan Kilts

The casual kilt can is suitable for almost any occasion and can be dressed up or down. The casual kilt is lighter and more affordable than the...

Black & Plain Colour Kilts

Black wool kilts, traditionally an Irish garment, are a stylish alternative to a tartan kilt and also serves as a great option for those who have no...

Tweed Kilts

Tweed kilts are a sophisticated and elegant option for any highlander outfit. Fashionable, yet refined, tweed kilts are perfect for both casual and...

Leather Kilts

A stylish, modern take on the traditional kilt. Made of either 100% pure leather or a leather-mix.

Camouflage Kilts

Our range of camouflage kilts offer a contemporary and casual take on the traditional kilt.

Emblem Kilts

Our special range of emblem kilts, with woven iconic Scottish imagery, offers a contemporary and casual take on the traditional kilt.

Irish Kilts

We offer kilts in the county tartans and tartans of popular Irish surnames, as well as Irish emblem designs.

Welsh Kilts

We offer kilts in a large number of Welsh tartans, as well as Welsh emblem designs.