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Casual Kilt Outfits

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More Kilt Outfits

Prince Charlie Kilt Outfits

The 'Prince Charlie' is the most formal of the kilt outfits. Perfect for a wedding or black tie event.

Argyll Kilt Outfits

The Classic Argyll (or Argyle) kilt outfit. This is a semi-formal kilt outfit that can be dressed up for a wedding or dressed down for more casual...

Tweed Kilt Outfits

The Tweed Argyll Kilt Outfit is most commonly worn as casual outdoor day wear, but can also be teamed with a semi-dress sporran for more formal...

Braemar Kilt Outfits

Based on the cut of the semi-formal Argyll jacket but with the formality of a Prince Charlie; the Braemar Kilt Outfit is perfect for a wedding or...

Irish Kilt Outfits

Our Irish kilts are available in the county tartans of Ireland, and popular Irish surnames.

Welsh Kilt Outfits

Most people associate the kilt with Scotland, or Ireland, but this wonderful garment is also found in Wales. Our Welsh kilts are available in popular...