Kilts & Tartan Made Easy

Dr Nicholas J Fiddes

"An Expert Insider's Frank Views and Simple Tips"

  • Why you should wear a kilt, and what kind of kilt to get
  • How to source true quality, and avoid the swindlers
  • Find your own tartans, and get the best materials
  • Know the outfit for any occasion, and understand accessories

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<strong>"Buying your Kilt - Made Easy"<br />
An Expert Insider's Frank Views and Simple Tips</strong> by Dr Nicholas J Fiddes
(Governor, Scottish Tartans Authority)
<li>Why <strong>you should</strong> wear a kilt, and <strong>what kind</strong> of kilt to get</li>
<li>How to source <strong>true quality</strong>, and avoid the <strong>swindlers</strong></li>
<li>Find your <strong>own tartans</strong>, and get the <strong>best materials</strong></li>
<li>Know the <strong>outfit</strong> for any occasion, and understand accessories</li>

This e-book is my personal gift to you. All views and information are my own, and do not necessarily represent my company, Scotweb. I hope you find it helpful. If so please copy it to send to friends. But read the copyright conditions on the front cover first. I am also happy for anyone to link to this on their own web site. No need to ask! But please only ever link to this page, as I'll keep updating the e-book.

If you are unable to download the file please contact us and we will email it to you directly.

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