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Jewellery Sets

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More Jewellery & Watches


A watch makes a wonderfully special gift as it will last for years to come, and we have a beautiful range of ladies and gents watches, in a variety of...


A ring is one of the most precious and important gifts that you can buy so it's important that you get it absolutely perfect. We have a...


Accessorise with one of our beautiful necklaces or pendants, to add the finishing touch to an outfit. We have beautiful ranges of necklaces and...

Brooches & Pins

Our range of brooches and pins fit a variety of uses, from livening up a plain cardigan to attaching sashes and plaids in a highland outfit. And...


Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday wear, we have a superb range of drop and stud earrings. We have a huge variety of designs...

Bracelets & Bangles

Superior craftsmanship blended with pure precious metals make our range of bracelets and bangles hard to beat. Our range comes from both Scotland and...


Charm bracelets make a unique and personal gift for a special occasion and can be added to throughout the years and passed down the family. Charms...