Weaving Process - standard

Our systems are designed to give you a high degree of control and flexibility in designing a tartan which can be economically produced for you as woven fabric. But our advertised charges are based on you following our standard procedures, described below. If you require additional services, please read about our Professional process.

If you order your tartan design to be produced for you as fabric, we will try to ensure that the material you receive is as close as possible to the tartan you have created. The sequence of threads should be identical, but the exact shades will inevitably vary from what you see on your screen. Read more about colour variation in woven fabrics here.

With our standard weaving process, we reserve the right to substitute yarn shades within broad colour groups (e.g. light greens, dark blues) at our sole discretion. Our weavers are some of the world’s most respected and experienced tartan producers, carrying a large stock of yarns in a wide range of shades. (Images of their typical stock is shown on the Weaver’s Palette, though we cannot guarantee each will always be available.) Our weavers generally weave the yarn colours chosen, but they will also bring their experience in selecting the best yarns for your commission. In some cases, they may select a yarn that is not the exact shade specified, but will in their experience produce a more harmonious result. By commissioning us to produce this fabric within our standard charging structure, you are accepting our right to make such changes.

We cannot normally provide a two-way communication route between yourself and our weavers, so we require you to trust our weavers’ expert judgement. If you wish closer control over the precise shades recorded and woven, yarn samples prior to weaving, or more liaison during the design and production process, you should use our Professional services.