Prize Draw Rules

DO write something about us, and/or link to us anywhere on your own corner of the internet. That’s it. We are accepting two levels of entry, with a third discretionary element:

  1. A basic entry to win one of the monthly prizes requires only that you set up an active hyperlink to us on a web page or blog, or follow us on Twitter, or ‘Friend‘ us or ‘Like‘ us on Facebook. You’ll find our Facebook and Twitter links in the footer of this page.
  2. If your link is publicly visible (e.g. on a web site or blog, but NOT on a Facebook page visible only to your Friends) we will add a bonus of 5000 Scotweb Points to any prize you may win.
  3. If we especially love your publicly viewable entry (see below) we will raise that bonus to 10,000 Scotweb Points. This is purely at our discretion.

To get the bonus, DO write whatever you like if - even just a few words. But include the company name Scotweb, and an active hyperlink to our site. (Our web address as non-clickable plain text will not count.)

DO link to any page on our site. It could be to our homepage, to the tartan designer, to your family tartan, to a favourite product - in fact to any page under the domain www.scotweb.co.uk

DO add additional entries on your own personal or business web site, blog, facebook (and befriend http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000129197540 for checking), twitter (and follow scotwebtartans), on other social media pages, or indeed any online location, provided it is a space you control, and we can view it. Multiple entries in different online locations will each give you an extra chance to win (enter once for each). But multiple entries on the same site will all be discounted. Use your common sense (and we’ll use ours).

DON’T write anywhere that might be considered spam (e.g. posting on other people’s blogs or newsgroups) as these will be disqualified.

DO make your entry great! Let’s be honest - we’re running this prize draw to encourage you to tell your friends and contacts about all the great stuff we do. So if you win a draw and we discover you’ve written something especially nice (e.g. a full blog piece, or a nice link on your web site homepage) we may award a bonus prize of up to 10,000 Scotweb Points. This is totally at our discretion.

DO register a valid internet address or tell us where we’ll find your text and link when we check. If we cannot find it there (by searching for ‘Scotweb’), that month’s contest wil be redrawn. If the link to Scotweb is not actively clickable, it will not count.

You DON’T have to do anything else! The monthly draw will take place on the first working day following each month’s contest, or as soon as possible thereafter. Prize winners will be notified via the email address registered to their account. If we do not receive a response within 14 days, we will re-draw the contest for that month and the original winner’s entitlement will lapse. A ‘win’ has no legal standing until we have received your confirmation.

Prizes are as described and there is no entitlement to any cash or product alternative. But we may, at our discretion, be able to offer substitute prizes in special cases.  Where product options or substitutions are available, any additional-cost specifications requested (e.g. extra large sizes) will be chargeable. Where fabric ranges are offered, these will be from the existing range listed for that product, and woven-to-order fabrics are excluded. We also reserve the right to substitute prizes of equivalent value. And we may alter the future prize list at any time, at our discretion.

Shipping will be by economy delivery, or any method of Scotweb’s choosing. Import duties or any other taxes are the responsibility of the prizewinner.

Prizes are offered as a goodwill gift and come with no contractual warranty or rights of return or refund. (We will, however, try to provide our usual excellent customer service.)

Scotweb’s decisions are final. Any legal matters arising will be settled under Scottish law in the Scottish courts.

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