The Clan MacIver is a Scottish clan and sept of several larger clans. The name MacIver is a sept name for the Clan Campbell and Clan MacKenzie. The Clan MacIver is also considered an Armigerous clan as there is no Chief recognised by the Lord Lyon of Lyon Court.




The surname MacIver is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic name Mac Íomhair (son of Íomhar). Íomhair is the Gaelic form of the Old Norse personal name Ivarr.

The MacIvers of Argyll are said to have descended from an early Campbell, Iver Crom, while the MacIvers from northern Scotland are thought likely to be of Norse origin.

The northern MacIvers/MacIvors were thought to have been among the ancient inhabitants of Kintail, of these the “MacIvors, MacAulas, MacBollans, and Clan Tarlach” were thought to have descended from Norwegian families.

According to legend, a stronghold of the MacIvers was the ancient fort of Dun Mor (Dunmore), located near Lochgilphead.



Battle of Bealach na Broige

Main article: Battle of Bealach na Broige

The Battle of Bealach na Broige was a battle fought in 1452 between various north-western highland clans from the lands of Ross, against the followers of the Earl of Ross including the Dingwalls and Munros of Foulis. Though the date of the battle is obscure what is known is that the rising consisted of the “Clan-juer” (Clan Iver), “Clantalvigh” (Clan-t-aluigh, ie. Clan Aulay), and “Clan-leajwe” (Clan-leaive, ie. Clan Leay).

The Munros and Dingwalls pursued and overtook the rising clans at Bealach na Broige, where a bitter battle ensued, fed by old feuds and animosities. In the end the MacIvers, MacAulays and MacLeays where almost utterly extinguished and the Munros and Dingwalls won a hollow victory, having lost a great number of men including their chiefs.



The MacIver Campbells

The leading family of the MacIver Campbells were the MacIvers of Lergachonzie and Stronshira. A branch of the MacIvers were Captains of the Castle of Inveraray, where the standing stone in the grounds of the castle was said to have been the boundary between the lands of the MacIvers and the MacVicars.

On June, 1564, at Dunoon, in an agreemant between Iver MacIver of MacIver of Lergachonzie, and Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll, the Earl renounced all calps from those of the name MacIver, in return for a sum of money, though the Earl reserved the calp of Iver MacIver and his successors. It is thought that after this agreement many of the MacIver Campbells began changing their surname from MacIver to Campbell.



Clan profile



MacIver tartan. There is little evidence to account for this tartan, and it is thought to be of relatively recent origin.

      Clan Motto: Nunquam obliviscar (translation from Latin: I will never forget).

      Clan Badge: Bog Myrtle, and Fir Club Moss.




There is little evidence to account for this tartan, and it is thought to be of relatively recent origin. The tartan is very similar to the Clan Macfie tartan.

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