Origins of the name

The name Lennox in gaelic comes from the place of the same name. The clan name comes from the title of Earl of Lennox which commanded the vale of Leven between the 12th and 15th centuries.



15th century

In 1424 the Clan Lennox was decimated and Iain Colquhoun of Luss of Clan Colquhoun took advatage of this to win the King’s favour by capturing Dumbarton Castle from Lennox.

Sir John Stuart of Darnley was created 1st Earl of Lennox of the new line by King James III of Scotland in 1473.

Malcolm the fifth Earl of Lennox led Clan Lennox into England and besieged Carlisle Castle.



16th century

A clan battle took place between the Clan Kincaid and the Clan Lennox of Woodhead in 1570.

Henry Stuart (1545-1567) Lord Darnley and the eldest son of the 4th Earl of Lennox was the second husband of Mary Queen of Scots. He was also the father of King James VI of Scotland. The King promoted the 8th Earl of Lennox to Duke of Lennox in 1581.




Clan profile

      Arms: Argent, a saltire between four roses Gules.

      Crest: Two broadswords in saltire behind a swan’s head and neck all Proper.

      Motto: I’ll defend.

      Plant Badge: A rose slipped Gules.




      Lennox District tartan: The Lennox District tartan was reproduced from two known copies of a lost portrait dating from the sixteenth century, which was claimed to be of the Countess of Lennox (mother of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley who married Mary, Queen of Scots). The tartan was reproduced by D. W. Stewart in his book Old and Rare Scottish Tartans published in 1893. Scottish Tartans World Register #935

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