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How does your Package Builder work?

Our Outfit Builder helps you choose your perfect kilt outfit (or trews outfit, ladies outfit, bagpipes package, etc.) with maximum flexibility, and minimum fuss. With most packages you can add, remove, or change items, and the same generous discount applies whatever you select.

The first step is probably to ‘filter’ our dozens of combo ideas listed in the Package Builder, to let you see and perhaps compare outfits of the types you are looking for. Just click one or more of the criteria in the upper part of the Package Builder page (e.g. ‘Scottish’ or ‘luxury’ or ‘Child’) to narrow the choices shown below. You can delete any filter already chosen by clicking the small ‘x’ beside it.

When you’ve found a package you mostly like, click on it to go to the next step. You’ll usually find at least one key product cannot be deleted or changed, and a few more can be changed but not deleted. For the rest, you can normally remove, add, or change individual items for others in their general categories, until you have exactly the package you want. (This may not apply to certain packaged products such as maintenance kits.)

Finally, you’ll be asked to choose options, and your tartan (if appropriate), using the buttons in the ‘Ready to Buy’ area. Some options or tartans may alter the package price up or downwards, just as changing individual items earlier may have done. The discount remains.

And finally, if you don’t understand anything at all, or if our systems somehow still won’t let you create your perfect package, just ask! We’re here to help.