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How do Irish kilt outfits differ from Scottish?

Whilst an Irish kilt outfit may at first glance seem similar to one worn by a Scot, there are three main points of difference. These are the material from which the kilt is made; the style of the jacket; and the detailing of accessories. Our Complete Irish Outfits reflect this.

Whilst the Scottish tradition is to wear a kilt made from your family tartan, the Irish kilt is normally worn in either plain colours or in a tartan reflecting the locality of your family origin. There is a tartan for every Irish County, and our tartan finder will return these as suggestions if your surname is recognised as historically common in those counties. There are also a number of ‘generic’ Irish tartans such as the Irish Diaspora tartan and the All Ireland, which you might choose if you are unsure of your precise historic roots.

Watch our Video on Irish Kilts and Kilt Outfits.

The jacket that is most commonly chosen to go with an Irish kilt is the Brian Baru, which like the Scottish ‘Prince Charlie’ jacket is mostly worn at formal ‘black tie’ events, or the Kilkenny, which is the equivalent of the Scottish Argyll jacket and therefore suitable for day or evening wear.

We also offer a wide range of accessories with Irish motifs, such as the Shamrock sporran with which our Complete Irish Outfit is supplied. There are a limited range of Irish crest products in a number of names, though this list is not as comprehensive as for Scottish names.