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How do I choose the right kilt outfit?

Kilt outfits are mainly distinguished by the style of jacket. The most common choices are the Prince Charlie jacket (i.e. the Prince Charlie outfit) which is a more formal look, worn as evening wear or ‘black tie’ occasions; or the Argyll jacket or outfit which is semi-formal day or evening wear, and so more the equivalent of a two-piece suit.

The next difference between the outfits is the kind of sporran worn with it. These mostly divide into three categories: Full Dress sporrans, mainly worn with a formal Prince Charlie outfit; Semi-Dress sporrans, suitable for most occasions, perhaps with an Argyll jacket; and Daywear sporrans, which are less formal and could be worn with an Argyll or Tweed jacket.

There may also be differences in the style of accessories such as brogues (shoes), hose (socks) or kilt pins worn with different kinds of outfit. And there are other less conventional outfits, such as the Jacobite outfit which might include a loose Jacobite shirt and pouch sporran for casual daywear; or there are many other ways of wearing a Casual Kilt. All our kilt package deals are designed so that all the pieces complement each other perfectly. But please just ask if you have special requirements and would prefer to chance any elements.