Forum Posting Guidelines

You are very welcome to join into the discussion on our Tartan Talk forums. We have a few simple rules, designed to keep it all friendly, helpful, and healthy. So do note our policies towards offenders below.

1. Debate the subject, not the person. No personal abuse or criticism please. And also no identity-related intolerance based on ethnicity, sexuality, or any other group characteristic.

2. Keep it family friendly and mind your language please. No swearing or obscenities (however you spell them) or anything someone might consider offensive. And please avoid provocative or controversial views that might be likely to incite others.

3. No vested interest postings. Any promotion of commercial or other third party interests such as web sites is not allowed. Nor is off-topic criticism of our company - we welcome complaints as a chance to address any unhappiness, but we provide better channels for them.

4. Keep to the subject, and post in the right section. This is a forum for discussion of tartan, or perhaps tweeds, kilts, and related subjects. There are plenty of other places to talk about politics, religion, cars, or football, etc.

5. Use your common sense. These guidelines are not a comprehensive set of rules, so no complaints if we ban you for something we deem unacceptable that’s not covered above. Just play nice, and none of us will have any problems!

Please note that Scotweb’s judgement is final. We are sensible and fair minded, but will act robustly if we perceive abuse. For minor instances we may give a friendly warning, but for serious or repeat offenses we may delete an entire account history including all postings.