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In addition to our Professional Tartan Design and Design Critique services, you can also get involved with our informal community of tartan design enthusiasts. They may not do this for a living, but amongst them you’ll find some very talented designers with a wonderfully creative eye.

The best way to start is probably just to join in! Do try your hand at producing your own design - it’s really not difficult. Then ask for comments and suggestions, and don’t forget to give back by contributing your own thoughts in return.

Our Tartan Talk discussion forums are intended to help just this form of mutual support and communication. But as well as informal advice and feedback, you’ll also find a forum there dedicated to contests and commissions - where you can also ask community members to help you with their own ideas to a design challenge. If it’s for a commercial purpose, we recommend offering a reward to any winner you select (remember, they’ll own legal copyright unless and until they agree to pass that to you). But that’s up to you, and to anyone who chooses to respond.

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