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When will I be charged for my purchase?

When you place your order on the web site, your credit card will be validated and the expected sum temporarily ‘reserved’ on your account. But the actual charge will be placed only once our office team has checked your order details, at which point you will receive a detailed statement itemising your order and charges. Customers (More...)

My browser doesn’t have ‘cookies’ enabled - how can I order?

Our online ordering systems require your web browser to have cookies switched on (the ability to store a tiny file on your computer to keep track of items in your basket etc.) Most browsers have this on by default. If you see a message saying cookies need to be enabled, you need to switch them (More...)

Why is an item only available from stock?

When an item is only available from stock, it has probably been discontinued. In most such cases, if the options in stock aren’t right for you, we will have a very similar replacement item available, with other options available to order. To find similar products either use the site search, or click back up a (More...)

Product Options: Outfit Components

Our unique Outfit Builder offers a huge range of carefully put-together example outfits, ideal for any occasion. We also uniquely allow you to add, remove, or change component items. Don’t want the shoes? No problem, remove them. Prefer a fancier sporran? Change it! Want a sporran flask for that handy dram? Get it at the (More...)

Product Options: Confirm Material Fabric

The last step when choosing a fabric for your product just requires you to confirm that the details are as you wish. You’ll find full information, either on the page or as optional Help, such as a larger image, a fabric range description, and details of the fabric weight, material, width (if relevant) and other (More...)

Product Options: sizes and specifications

The last step when selecting an item to buy needs you to enter the options, such as sizes or finishes for that product. If you don’t know these yet, you can complete your purchase anyway, and we won’t send your goods until we get these details from you. But it’s usually easiest to enter your (More...)

Product Options: material fabric choice

Once you have chosen a pattern and colourway for the material you wish, it may often be available in a range of fabrics. These can be in different materials, in different weights, from different producers, and so on. You should choose the one that suits your needs best. You will normally find your choices grouped first (More...)

Product Options: material colourway choice

Once you’ve chosen the pattern of your material, you may be offered a choice of shades, or colourways, that pattern is available in. You should choose the one you like best next. With tartans, these may come in characteristic shades such as Ancient, Modern, Weathered, or Muted. Which you choose is entirely a matter of taste. You’ll (More...)

Product Options: material pattern choice

Once you’ve found the name of the material you want, you will often find a choice of patterns (with tartans these are called ’setts’). If more than one pattern exists for your name, we will ask you to choose the one you want. With tartans these patterns may be associated with different branches of the same (More...)

Product Options: material name choice

Our thousands of materials are firstly grouped by Name, so this is the first choice you will probably make. When searching or browsing A-Z, you will normally first be offered a range of Names. Name are commonly Surnames or some other community name such as a business, club, or city. But they might also be colour (More...)

Product Options: choosing your material

First check out the Stock and Clearance tabs for items available ‘off the shelf’. Otherwise, choose fabrics for us to make to order, which you can find in several ways. Materials you’ve already used appear in the Recent tab. The Your Tartans tab has tartans you’ve designed. And the largest choice of fabrics is (More...)

What is my “Card Security Code”?

You Card Security Code is a 3 digit number that is an important security feature for credit card transactions. You can find your card security code on the back of your card, along the signature strip. It is always the last 3 digits of the numbers printed there. The Card Security Code is also known as (More...)

What is my card “Issue Number”?

Some Debit Cards and Credit Cards have an Issue Number, normally on the front of the card. This is normally ‘01′ unless you have had your card replaced at any time. If your card has such a number, our bank may require it for your order to be processed. But if this does not appear (More...)

How do I “Check Out” once items are in my Basket?

Once you have added all items you wish into your Basket, you can proceed to the Checkout. You’ll see a button for this in the Action area towards the top-right immediately after adding an item to your Basket. Or you can do this from any page by clicking on the area titled “Your Basket” at (More...)

How can I continue to shop for more products?

Once you have added an item to your Basket, you will see a page that confirms this, and offers you any matching items or other ideas. You can click on these if you are interested, or else continue to shop using any of the Search or Browse links on the same page. Once you have added (More...)

How do I put an item into my Shopping Basket?

If a product has no options (sizes, tartans, etc.) you will find a simple “Add to Basket” button in the ‘Action’ area towards the top-right of the product description page. Click that button, then continue to shop, or “Proceed to Checkout” if there is nothing else you want. If a product does have options, we will (More...)

Explain the choice of “In Stock” and “To Order” items?

We hold a wide range of products in stock. But many are available in such a vast range of tartans, colours, sizes, etc. that we can supply them only to order from the manufacturer. Or perhaps we are temporarily out of stock. If we have at least some variations in stock and ready to ship, this (More...)

Where do I specify the quantity of an item I want?

We normally invite you to place an item in your basket before specifying the quantity you want. We ask you to tell us how many of an item you wish (or how long a length of fabric perhaps) at the Checkout stage, not whilst choosing options. If the product you are buying offers options (tartan, colour, (More...)

How do I choose product options?

If the product you are looking at offers choices of tartan, size, colour, or any other options, the ‘action’ area at the top-right of the page will include a button that invites you to specify these before adding the item to your Basket. This normally takes you to a new page (or pages) to do (More...)

How do I buy items from this site?

We try to make our site easy to use, even for a complex purchase like a kilt outfit. No membership is necessary. And we deliver worldwide. The basic process is explained below. But if you find it hard for any reason, just contact us and we will be happy to either advise you or else place (More...)