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What are “Selected” fabrics, or “Recent” tartans?

To help you find products in your favourite fabrics or tartans, our site remembers ones you’ve looked at. For example, when browsing the store, you may see icons indicating products or departments with items in your “Selected” fabric. Your Selected fabric is the most recent material or design that you have either: put into your shopping (More...)

I need more advice - how can I get help?

We have three main ways of giving you extra information: 1. all around our site you’ll see little ‘info’ icons (like this: ) with help relevant to the place you see it; clicking one will normally pop up a help box, keeping you on the same page; 2. we have a large, fully searchable, Information Centre, (More...)

How can I find goods for my Scottish special interest?

Many of our products belong to a Scottish tradition or historic theme. This might include things like bagpipes or kilts or tartan or cashmere or tweeds. Or it could involve historical inspirations such as Robert Burns, or Wallace, or Celtic knotwork, or the Saltire flag.  Whatever your interest, there are two very good ways to find (More...)

How do I find the product I need?

If you’re not sure how to find something, the easiest way is often to use the Search box at the top of every page. This normally returns ‘near misses’ as well as exact matches to help you find what you want. But if you don’t find what you want first time, try another spelling or (More...)

How can I find products made in my own tartan?

We offer two main ways to find tartan items: Select a tartan, then see products available in it; Select a product, then see what tartans it is available in. To select your tartan first, use our main Tartan & Fabric Finder which is found at the top of every page. You can browse alphabetically. But it is usually (More...)