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The Making of Harris Tweed - Video

Please allow a few seconds for the video to load… See how Harris Tweed is produced to this day, from raw fleece to its only ever being woven on hand-looms in the homes of the islanders of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Our step-by-step video reveals the ancient skills and dedication to (More...)

How is Harris Tweed produced?

Dr Fiddes and Assistant Harris Tweed’s characteristic natural hues and rich textures are appreciated all over the world. But few people really know how that wonderful and instantly recognisable look comes about. So on my recent trip to the Hebrides (accompanied by my glamorous personal assistant) I thought this would be a great chance to tell (More...)

What are the different patterns of tweed?

To help you choose your tweed fabric, we classify tweed fabrics from our various tweed ranges according to their main pattern. When searching for tweeds, you can choose to see only tweed fabrics of a particular pattern. The main patterns are: Plain Twill (Unpatterned) Tweeds Tarbert Plain Twill Blue 24310 Harris Tweed Twill is a simple weave with a (More...)

What different kinds of tweed are available?

We offer three main kinds of tweed, which we present separately as each has its own unique character. All are the highest quality tweeds of their kind in the world. So which you choose will depend on your own needs and tastes. Harris Tweed A typical Harris Tweed Harris Tweed is loved all over the world for its (More...)