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Do I really need all the accessories to wear a kilt?

You can look fantastic wearing a kilt with nothing but a T-Shirt and sneakers. In fact sometimes you’ll impress even more as you fit the garment into your own wardrobe for your own distinctive look. But if you want to really look the part at a more formal occasion, you’ll probably want many or most (More...)

Do I need to wear a sporran with the kilt?

Most people would still think that a Traditional 8 yard kilt looks right only when worn with a sporran, quite apart from the practicality it lends to a garment without pockets in giving you somewhere to carry those coins and keys. But a Casual Kilt is quite another story, and it is entirely a matter of (More...)

Where can I find more in-depth information about kilts & tartans?

Scotweb’s MD, Dr Nicholas J Fiddes, has written a free illustrated e-book, as a gift to help kilt lovers everywhere. In simple non-technical language it covers every aspect of buying a kilt, choosing your tartan, and accessorising an outfit for every occasion. As a Governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority, and founder of the world’s first (More...)

Which kilt outfit is best for a wedding?

Traditionally a wedding has been a very formal occasion at which the Prince Charlie outfit would be the automatic choice. This is probably still so for the groom and best man at most weddings. But with the more relaxed cultural conventions of recent years, it is increasingly normal for wedding guests to choose a more (More...)

How does your Package Builder work?

Our Outfit Builder helps you choose your perfect kilt outfit (or trews outfit, ladies outfit, bagpipes package, etc.) with maximum flexibility, and minimum fuss. With most packages you can add, remove, or change items, and the same generous discount applies whatever you select. The first step is probably to ‘filter’ our dozens of combo ideas listed (More...)

How do Irish kilt outfits differ from Scottish?

Whilst an Irish kilt outfit may at first glance seem similar to one worn by a Scot, there are three main points of difference. These are the material from which the kilt is made; the style of the jacket; and the detailing of accessories. Our Complete Irish Outfits reflect this. Whilst the Scottish tradition is to (More...)

So what is in fact worn beneath the kilt?

The answer to this eternal question is… whatever you like. Many kilt wearers do like to go ‘commando’, which is fine if you prefer the feeling of freedom. Just be considerate to those of sensitive feelings, particularly when dancing. But it is equally traditional to don underwear or shorts, especially in very active or windswept (More...)

How else can I wear a kilt, more informally?

You can wear a kilt any time you’d wear trousers! Kilts are amazingly versatile, and can be used to create countless looks, according to the impact you want to make! This could include a tweed jacket, shirt and tie; or a chunky jersey, rolled-down socks, and hiking boots; or the romantic, loose-fitting jacobite shirt; or (More...)

How do I choose the right kilt outfit?

Kilt outfits are mainly distinguished by the style of jacket. The most common choices are the Prince Charlie jacket (i.e. the Prince Charlie outfit) which is a more formal look, worn as evening wear or ‘black tie’ occasions; or the Argyll jacket or outfit which is semi-formal day or evening wear, and so more the (More...)