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In 1995, Scotweb was the first to market Celtic products online. many now imitate us but none rival our standards.

We never supply the low-quality imported Celtic-style copies sold elsewhere. We offer only true locally-produced Celtic goods, including kilts and tartans. For your future heirlooms, trust Scotweb.

We'll weave any tartan!

  • short lengths
  • even rarest recorded tartans
Custom weave Kilts from only £195.06
Custom weave Fabrics from only £155.23

Authentic Celtic Products

Scotweb offers the world's largest choice of Celtic goods. We have a huge range of gifts and homewares in the style of Celtic, and the Art Nouveau school, including Margaret Morrison work. This of course includes a massive choice of Celtic jewellery, in Celtic themes and motifs. For example we have many Celtic watches for both gents and ladies, Celtic rings for both men and women, Celtic earrings or Celtic brooches for ladies, Celtic cufflinks for men, and many other types of Celtic jewelry.

Our Celtic homewares include vases, trinket boxes, perfume bottles, and picture frames decorated in Celtic styles. Or why not decorate your home with Celtic throws or Celtic cushions, or create your own Celtic display with one of our unique stitch kits? Or as a gift for a loved one, we have Celtic pen sets or paperknives, and even Celtic clocks for your desk or mantel.

There's only one type of Celtic product or kilt you will not find here: the badly-made copies from cheap-labour economies using dubious materials that our competitors pretend are genuine. We are proud to protect the true heritage of Scotland, and will never sell you goods that betray our authentic traditions.

Tartans, Kilts & Kilt Outfits

Scotweb is proud to offer the world's finest range of authentic kilts, available in the world's largest range of tartans. With our exclusive online facilities and weaving capacity we can produce any rare tartan in even a single kilt length, at affordable prices.

Our top quality kilts for Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cornish and other Celtic traditions are all made locally to the highest traditional standards. All our kilts can be purchased as single garments or from a range of complete kilt outfits for every occasion.

We make kilts in both traditional and casual styles. Our kilts can be fully hand-stitched or semi-machined as you prefer. And we provide a choice of high quality budget kilts, classic traditional kilts, or luxury bespoke kilts with prestige finishing.

You will probably want your own unique tartan, honouring your own family or Celtic tradition. We give you an unrivalled choice of tartans and other materials. Our unique tartan finder lists every tartan recorded by the Scottish Tartans Authority, almost all available to purchase. We can even weave your own tartan design! Or if you prefer your kilt in tweed, denim, leather, or any other fabric, we'll do it all to the same exceptional standards.

Our kilts are available in a range of finishes, to suit every Celt's purse. Even our budget range is made-to-order by our own expert kiltmakers, to higher standards than most competitors' ‘best quality’ kilts. Our classic Balmoral range is of exceptional quality, with expert attention to detail that is second-to-none. And our exclusive bespoke Manley Richardson range offers a degree of luxury finish and personalised specification that is available from no other producer.

And Much More… a Full Scottish Superstore!

Our ladies' range of Celtic tartans, tweeds, and other Scottish and Celtic speciality garments is simply the finest in the world. We supply tartan (or tweed) skirts in a range of classic and contemporary styles, including kilted skirts, cut to any length. These are complemented by a superb choice of finest Scottish cashmere sweaters, cardigans, and accessories (not to be confused with Chinese chain store cashmere). And check out our exclusive hand-knitted aran knitwear collection, just like your granny used to knit. Our range of Celtic wraps, pashminas, scarves, and other accessories is one of the finest anywhere.

And for men, we offer far more than Celtic goods and kilts! Naturally we can provide every Highland Dress piece you can imagine, from superbly cut traditional fishtail military trews (or else tartan trousers), to the finest range of jackets and vests (or waistcoats if you're British) and everything to go with them. We also have a full range of superb Scottish menswear including top quality cashmere, arans, and other woollens; coats and outerwear jackets, down to shoes (or brogues) and socks (or hose). Plus an incredible range of Celtic men's accessories, with fabulous scarves, gloves, and hats.

And we don't forget the kids! Almost anything that is offered in men's highland dress, is also available in children's sizes, including a superb range of kilts from budget off-the-shelf garments to fully tailored boys' and girls' kilts in your own tartan, in any size. For girls, we have a fine selection of skirts and dresses. Plus, of course, we have lovely hats, mitts, and footwear to keep them cosy. And for the really little ones, check out our wonderful blankets and shawls, which include our incredibly popular supersoft Alpaca baby blankets in a range of colours, up to superb cashmere blankets.

Our Celtic jewellery range is one of the world's finest specialist Scottish collections, with jewelry designs themed around Celtic, Rennie Mackintosh, natural, or other historic inspirations. Our Celtic Gift & Home collection has to be seen to be believed, with everything you could wish for to turn your home into a little piece of Scotland. But check out our gorgeous choice of pure cashmere throws for a little bit of affordable luxury, at a fraction of the price for the same quality in the designer outlets our producers normally supply. And don't forget our leisure offerings, including instruments (and learning kits) from the world's finest makers of bagpipes, to a huge range of Scottish CDs and DVDs. We've got the lot!

Finally, don't forget our world-beating range of tartan and tweed fabrics! (Did we mention this already?). Any material. Any length. Delivered anywhere. Trust Scotweb.

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