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Scotland's first secure e-business (1995) World's first kilts & tartans online
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Tartan Mill - just another web store?

  • the largest tartan choice on earth - for any rare tartan
  • our own weaving mill - for the confidence of dealing direct
  • our own expert tailors - for any product in any fabric
  • local sourcing & ethical dealing policies - for authentic traditional quality
  • the best trained staff in our industry - for superb individual service
  • the most sophisticated systems - for reliable efficiency
  • our promise - outstanding products, at incredible prices


December 2011

Our "Complete Tartan Library" starts to go live, massively expanding our already unrivalled tartan lists to become the world's first comprehensive tartan consultation resource.

September 2011

Now united with D.C. Dalgliesh as the world's leading resource for tartan fabrics and goods, we rename our retail business "Tartan Mill", as Scotweb becomes the parent company.

April 2011

D.C. Dalgliesh weaving mill struggles in the recession, and approaches us as their natural partner to rescue them from closure. We implement a development plan to save this unique part of Scottish traditions.


We publish the first version of our online Tartan Designer feature, the world's first online tartan design-and-order service.


We begin our special relationship with D.C. Dalgliesh weavers, and specialise in marketing their rare tartans, quickly establishing ourselves as their largest customer.


Our first tartan finder goes live, with around 2000 tartans - far larger than from any other retail outlet.


We launch Scotweb Store, our own direct retail operation, with a mission to provide top quality authentic locally-sourced goods with the highest standards of service.


We secure our position as the leading Scottish internet portal, combining vast information resources with exclusive shopping provided by leading retail partners.


Another world first: we launch "The Malt Whisky File": the first interactive book on the internet, simultaneous with its publication by Canongate Press.


We are the first company in the world to market kilts, bagpipes, and tartan goods online.

April 1995

Scotweb launches as Scotland's first secure e-business portal.

Scotland's Oldest Online Marketplace

Tartan Mill began trading in 1995, as Scotweb. In fact we were Scotland's first secure e-commerce site!

We were the first in the world to market kilts, tartan fabrics, and bagpipes online. We've always led, while countless imitators have tried to copy.

But to this day, no one else comes close to the range of services we offer, or the value we provide. If you want the best, trust Tartan Mill.

Our own Weaving Mill

Under the same ownership as Scotweb is our sister company, the historic weavers, D.C. Dalgliesh, established in 1947 by Dixon Colton Dalgliesh. The weaving team's daily mission is to ensure that every piece leaving their mill would still meet with his approval.

This old Borders company is renowned worldwide, bringing a large celebrity client list that includes the Queen, Nelson Mandela, and Neil Armstrong, and many more loyal customers. As well as both heavy and lightweight woollen tartan fabrics, D.C. Dalgliesh make delicate and fine silks, perfect for scarves, skirts, ties and other luxury garments.

In fact D.C. Dalgliesh has produced more tartans than any other mill in the world, giving them the largest physical tartan fabric pattern book on earth, kept by family members over many years. Tartan Mill is honoured to join forces with them, to continue to provide customers with expert service for many years to come.

The world's largest tartan library

Since we launched in 1995, we've led the world in marketing tartans online. Our tartan lists have never been rivalled, and already outnumber any other source (either physical or online) by many times.

In 2011 we began the task of assembling the world's first complete Tartan Library. Our aim is no less than to display every known tartan pattern in every common colourway. When complete in 2012, this will mean customers will no longer just have to guess before purchase what their tartan might look like if woven in, for example, ancient colours. We'll even show the variations in appearance between wool and silk.

No one else can offer their customers such a service, where most suppliers restrict their offering to the few fabrics in stock at a handful of big mills. We've raised the bar yet again in the tartan industry.

Any product - any tartan!

Our proud boast at Tartan Mill is that we'll make any product in any tartan, no matter how obscure or unusual the request. And our exclusive ability to weave you as little as a single garment piece of any tartan means we're often the only company in the world who can meet many needs.

Over the years we have made a replica dog coat for K9 (Dr Who's dog) and kilts for the Harry Potter films. And we've lost count of the number of car seats we've been asked to match.

We may specify a minimum order size, but we'll very seldom say no. In addition, our unique ordering delivery process means that whatever product you want, we can get it to your doorstep in record time.

Highland Dress experts

This is where we began, and it remains our bedrock of excellence. At Tartan Mill we are lucky to have some of the world's leading experts in Highland Dress at work in our offices. So we're on hand to help customers choosing their outfits, to ensure they not only look good but feel great, too.

Our made-to-measure service means your bespoke garment is worth every penny and will last for decades if cared for correctly. From the finest cashmere to the most delicate silk, soft wool to rugged Harris Tweed, we strive to bring the very best of Scotland to the rest of the world.

Dedication to Authenticity

Today we stand head and shoulders above the crowd in our commitment to supplying only genuine Scottish-made products of the highest standards. We select for quality first, and never just look at price.

Almost all of our competitors sell poor quality copycat products, mostly made in the far east. These may look superficially similar in pictures (or even be promoted by pictures of the real thing) but seldom compare in either materials or manufacture, and are often not correct historically.

Over 95% of the goods we sell are manufactured in Scotland, with most of the rest from elsewhere in the British Isles.

This also reflects our belief in supporting local business. Our policy is to deal ethically with our producers, paying a fair price for their work, and settling our bills on time. When you order from Tartan Mill you are playing a real part in helping to keep traditional skills alive.

The world's only online tartan design-and-buy service

Our outstanding in-house technical team keeps us in the vanguard of tartan creativity by bringing online a stream of innovative developments that enhance the customer experience. One of the most popular features on our web site is the Tartan Designer - by far the best such tool in the world, designed to combine user-friendly simplicity and fun with rigorous traditional standards.

The result is that you can play with it like a toy - and then move directly to commissioning the world's finest fabrics, in the confidence that what you see is what you'll get. We'll help you realise your tartan dream, whether you're designing a simple fabric for a wedding, or desiging an identity for your company or club to wear and share for decades to come, our software makes the process easy and fun like never before.

Tartan Expertise

Our bespoke tartan design service includes personal assistance and assessment from the expert team at D.C. Dalgliesh. Coming from a tradition of tartan designers, weavers and kilt-makers, with the world's largest physical library of tartan samples at our fingertips, no one knows the setts and patterns better.

So for anyone wishing to design a tartan for their family, a special event, or perhaps corporate purposes, they can rest assured they're in knowledgeable hands. Our wealth of experience ensures that all tartans are balanced, proportionate and a perfect fit for the occasion.

Our Technology

Our secret weapon in ensuring our services stand out head and shoulders above our competitors is the investment we have made in technology. Our retail product is one of the world's most complex. Yet we have achieved an almost entirely paperless office environment, by programming highly sophisticated data management systems.

What this means for you is outstanding reliability, and lower prices due to the savings our efficient systems give us. We aim to deliver on time, every time... even when this is a custom-designed, made-to-measure, specially-woven, individually assembled outfit, on a rush deadline for a special occasion. That's not uncommon. Yet we deliver, time and again.

Our Team

Last, but by no means least, we need to credit our incredible team, led by the company's founder, Dr Nick Fiddes, and his partner, Dr Adele Telford. Around them they have hand-picked a team of around a dozen highly skilled staff, who manage every aspect of the company's operations on our own premises in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city.

Our customer service team enjoys a level of training unmatched by anyone in our industry, and are tasked with putting customer satisfaction first at all times. Our in-house technical team is decicated to making our site and services function as reliably and intuitively as we can possibly make them, which is no small challenge with the countless complexities of custom tartan design. And of course, our team at the D.C. Dalgliesh mill is works tirelessly to upholding the unswerving standards laid down by their founder so many years ago.

We are here for you. Please just ask if we can help in any way.

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