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Dr Nick Fiddes, Founder

By using our tartan finder, you can choose your fabric by the name, colour or material you wish to use. Select from a wide range of quality tartans and fabrics that best meets your needs.

Select the length of your fabric in either yards or metres (yards will be adjusted to the next 10cm (c. 4") up as you check out). The minimum order is half a metre with 0.1m (c. 4") increments above that.

If you're looking to make something extra special we also supply woven to order tartans. As a matter of practicality, woven to order tartans have a minimum weaving length of 4 metres or 4.4 yards (5m for silks).

Materials Various.
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Delivery: Some options in stock, others in Dispatch in 1 week - Rush Orders
Returns: Non returnable - see Full Terms
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Fabrics: Width

Weaving looms are almost always made in one of two widths: single width (about 30″ or 70cm) or double width (about 60″ or 1.4m). Single width of course costs about half the price of double width!

In most cases the width will not matter to you. Our systems are designed to price products using the correct length, whatever width a fabric is produced at.†For an eight yard kilt in double width fabric, we order four yards!

But if you are buying fabric lengths, it is important that you note the width it is woven at, and adjust accordingly. Width information should be clearly displayed for each fabric.

If you wish to see only fabrics of a particular width (e.g. when making a long ladies skirt you might prefer to use a double width fabric) you can select this option in the Advanced Search area of our Tartan Finder. (This can be combined with other filters too.)

How do I buy items from this site?

We try to make our site easy to use, even for a complex purchase like a kilt outfit. No membership is necessary. And we deliver worldwide.

The basic process is explained below. But if you find it hard for any reason, just contact us and we will be happy to either advise you or else place your order for you. (Calls from the UK or North America are free!)

We divide the buying process into two main stages:

1. Select products & Add to Basket

  • Find your product
  • Optional: specify fabric, sizes, etc.(Choose Options button, top right)
  • Add item to your Basket (Add to Basket button, top right)
  • (Repeat, to add more items)
  • Adjust quantities in Shopping Basket (if required)

2. From Basket, proceed to Check Out

  • Go to the Checkout (Checkout Now button, in Basket)
  • Specify Delivery Address and Shipping Method
  • Specify Payment details
  • Confirm

You will find much more help with how to navigate our site, how to choose products, about our customer services, and much more in our fully searchable Information Centre which is linked at the top of every page.

How long does fabric take to be sent?

We offer an almost unlimited range of tartans and other fabrics in a huge choice of materials. Thousands are available from stock, and will normally be dispatched within about a week. Others need to be woven to order, which can take two months or longer, depending on factors such as the time of year or volume.

But please note that even fabrics we describe as ‘in stock’ may occasionally become unavailable at short notice. A single large order can take all remaining stocks for example. And a ’stock’ fabric that runs out of stock can sometimes take longer to be rewoven than one of our woven-to-order ranges, due to the larger weaving runs involved.

It is not technically possible to keep our web site information fully up to date for every fabric. Delivery schedules shown reflect their normal dispatch status, not their current availability. For the accurate, current stock status of any particular fabric, please phone or email us. We can often let you know within minutes, during working hours. If it happens to be unavailable we can often recommend alternatives.

I need more advice - how can I get help?

We have three main ways of giving you extra information:

1. all around our site you’ll see little ‘info’ icons (like this: Scotweb information icon ) with help relevant to the place you see it; clicking one will normally pop up a help box, keeping you on the same page;

2. we have a large, fully searchable, Information Centre, linked at the top of every page, covering product advice, customer services, site navigation, and much more; try searching for the topic of your query (e.g. “returns”).

3. our customer service team is only an email or phone call away, and we even have toll-free lines from the UK and North America; so don’t hesitate to contact us, however trivial or complex your query.

Where can I find more in-depth information about kilts & tartans?

Kilts and Tartan Made EasyScotweb’s MD, Dr Nicholas J Fiddes, has written a free illustrated e-book, as a gift to help kilt lovers everywhere. In simple non-technical language it covers every aspect of buying a kilt, choosing your tartan, and accessorising an outfit for every occasion.

As a Governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority, and founder of the world’s first company to market kilts on the Internet (yes, Scotweb) no one is better qualified to offer such advice. Impartial and objective, this is a personal work and is not a Scotweb publication.

Click here to go to the download page

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Tartan Fabric

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Thomas , Kentucky, United States of America

Wrote... I am grateful to D. C. Dalgliesh for continuing to produce my family's tartan. It's a beautiful, quality fabric that will be treasured and worn with pride. Thank you for making that possible and for your commitment to your noble craft.

LeslieMac , Ontario, Canada

Wrote... I was able to get a very rare tartan for the best price out there. Will definitely shop for tartan at Scotweb again, and have already referred friends.


Wrote... Wonderful material received of Young tartan from the Locharron mill. Great customer service and great prices!

Ken Cormack , Northeast Ohio, USA

Wrote... I've just received several yards of 15oz fabric from D.C. Dalgliesh, in a tartan I designed using Scotweb's own Online Tartan Design Tool. I have several kilts by Dalgliesh in similar weight (including one in this very tartan), and I must say, I have never been more delighted with a fabric's quality. I had previously purchased several yards of 16oz Locharron fabric from Scotweb, and found that also to be a very satisfying experience.

Scott , Arlington, Texas, USA

Wrote... The Clan Gunn weathered tartan material was exceptional. My wife had 2 items made from this material, a bodice piece on a period costume and a kilted skirt. Both are beautiful and the quality of the material is obvious to everyone. Our seamstress asked where we procured it as it was some of the best she had seen. Thank you for your great products. Scott Arlington, TX

Jane Davies

Wrote... I ordered two metres of Stewart Royal (modern colours) to make a garment for a friend's birthday present. The colour of the fabric is even better than I imagined from the image and the quality is suberb. The delivery was also much quicker than I expected. Thank you Scotweb, I know my friend will be very happy with her gift!

Andrew Hannay

Wrote... I ordered 4 metres of my family Tartan 16oz Hannay ancient. I can tell you know how a tartan looks on a screen or even a swatch in your hands does not compare to the reality of holding a quantity of fabric in your hands for yourself. I could not have asked for the look, quality or colour to be better, exceeded my expectations. It brought a tear to my eye to know that the items made from this material will be pasted generation to generation representing not only the family name but the history of each person who carries it. Thank you scotweb from me personally & all future generations to come


Wrote... Ordered 4 metres of 13 oz House of Edgar MacFadyen modern tartan. Took a bit because ScotWeb had to special order the fabric to be made at the mill. The colors are bright and beautiful and the sett is exactly as registered. Also, one full edge had the traditional selvedge. The customer service was great for this difficult order. ScotWeb is the best!!! John McFadyen California

rob_10043617 , birmingham

Wrote... had 8metres os fabric weaved in to tartan from my own design that is an officialy registered tartan design in my own name by scotweb and am so pleased with the results and the trews that were made from said tartan. thankyou scotweb....... robert j gunn


Wrote... It was perfect. With this material I was able to continue a family tradition and bring hope my daughter from the hospital when she was born in a blanket I made of our tartan. I did this with my son before when he was born. If itís good enough for my children its good enough for anything you may need.
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from £3.00
Tartan Fabric

Choose from 70351 quality fabrics, including:

Royal Stewart Tartan

Black Watch Tartan

Lindsay Tartan

Gordon Dress Tartan

Buchanan Tartan

Thomson or Thompson Camel Tartan

Maple Leaf Tartan

Isle of Skye Tartan

Cornish National Tartan

Welsh National Tartan

Stewart Hunting Tartan

MacKenzie Tartan

Stewart Dress Tartan

MacKay or Morgan Blue Tartan

Wallace Tartan

Thomson or Thompson Blue Dress Tartan

Dark Island Tartan

Shepherd Tartan

Oliver Dress Tartan

Macleod of Lewis Tartan

Campbell of Argyll Tartan

Robertson Tartan

MacDonald Tartan

Bruce of Kinnaird Tartan

MacBeth Tartan

Fraser Clan Tartan

Ross Hunting Tartan

Hebridean Heather Tartan

MacQueen Tartan

Bell of the Borders Tartan

Montgomery Tartan

MacMillan Tartan

Drummond of Perth Tartan

MacLean of Duart Hunting Tartan

Douglas Blue Tartan

Stevenson Tartan

Musselburgh District Tartan

Moffat Clan Tartan

MacGregor Rob Roy Tartan

MacDonald of Glencoe Tartan

Anderson Tartan