Irish Traditional 8 Yard Kilt with flashes

  • Made in Scotland
  • 100% pure new tartan wool
  • Made to measure
  • FREE flashes
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Dress to impress in our classic man's kilt. Made to measure to the very highest standards by our expert kiltmakers. We offer a full range of Irish tartans (more earthy than most Scottish ones, as seen on our sample swatch image).

All our kilts are hand-crafted and come with free flashes in the same tartan (value £29 UK!). Our premium quality eight yard kilts are made to measure, hand-crafted by highly experienced kiltmakers in the traditional manner. Made from a full 8 yards (approx, according to the tartan sett and your dimensions) of your chosen fabric, we fit two leather straps and buckles on the waist, and one on the hip. The front edge has two fringes, and we include two belt (or sporran strap) loops at the back.

Images The Eight Yard Kilt … The kilt worn as par… Close-up of the kilt…
Dimensions: Please note any special requests at the Checkout; we will discuss these with you before charging.
Materials Medium (13oz) or Heavy (16oz) Weight Worsted 100% Pure New Wool. Please allow up to an extra six weeks for delivery if you choose a woven to order material.
Measuring: We ask for details as you choose options: Measuring Guide
Points: Buying this product will earn you at least 573 Scotweb Points per item
Delivery: Dispatch in 4 to 6 weeks - Rush Orders
Returns: Non returnable - see Full Terms
  • Kilt length (17" / 43.2 cm to 27" / 68.6 cm)
  • Kilt seat (32" / 81. cm to 70" / 177.80)
  • Kilt waist (28" / 71.1 cm to 66" / 167.6 cm)
  • Wearer's height (5ft 0.5 inches to 6ft 11 inches)
  • 57332 choices of material


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Video: How to Measure for a Traditional 8 Yard Kilt

Video: How to Wear a Full Formal Kilt Outfit, step by step guide

Video: Traditional 8 Yard Classic Kilt by Balmoral Kilts


Irish Traditional 8 Yard Kilt with flashes

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Average rating: 5 / 5 *****

MisterEd , Kansas, USA

Wrote... This is an amazing work of art. The fabric and workmanship is incredible. Plus I look fantastic in it. Do yourself a favor and get one or two.

Patrick in Switzerland , Lutry, Switzerland

Wrote... When I set out to order a whole Brian Baru Kilt outfit from the internet I was a little worried about all the things that could possibly go wrong. I think that anyone who does so does it with some sense of what it means to wear one and hopes that the actual garment will do honor to that sentiment. Wether it was in broadening my knowledge of what goes into such a garment, choosing a tartan and the matching accessories, the delicate (particularly over the internet) taking of measurements and the little questions that follow an actual order, i was delighted with the service. It is not as easy as it sounds but this website made the entire process much more comfortable and intuitive than I would have thought. For example, upon receiving the full outfit I noticed the small chain and buttons that close the jacket had been omitted, a quick e-mail was all it took and within days (I live in Switzerland mind) they were in my mailbox with a handwritten apology note from Gemma, my customer service rep. More than you would expect from most shops. The finished product was a pleasure to discover, has been and will be a joy to wear for a very long time. I could bore you with the details for days but I'll be kind and simply say that whatever you see on screen is just a shadow of the detail that goes into theses products. The quality is perfect and the fabric, cut and workmanship of the kilt alone makes it a pleasure to wear and would make a drunken elephant look elegant. Do so with pride and I can attest that you will be the envy of any crowd, although men may refuse to admit it when they see the effect one of these has on women… The made to measure kilt highlighted by the matching plaid, the unique elegant cut of the jacket and vest, the tasteful sporran, all stand out: tradition and pride in an graceful and surprisingly contemporary silhouette. Not bad.

FTAB , College Station

Wrote... Absolutely Brilliant could not be better. Made a wonderful addition to a perfect wedding.

HawkmtnTK , Allentown, PA, USA

Wrote... I just received my products from Scot Web, and jumped on the computer to write this review. Although I'm a bit of a story teller (as you'll no doubt recognize as you read on), what I'm writing is that absolute truth (and I don't work for the company)... I'm one who is leery about ordering expensive items, particularly made-to-order items from the internet. I need to touch it, see it with my own eyes to be sure it's what I want. So, when I began my search for a new kilt (I wanted one made from the land of the kilt), I labored long and hard to find a website with which I was comfortable. At the end of the struggle, I settled on Scot Web. I placed and order for an 8-yard Irish kilt and some accessories. I even made a few changes after placing the order, which were no problem with the company. After a few more emails with the remarkably patient and friendly staff to qualm my neurotic fears, I waited impatiently. Right on time, I received an email notification that my order was shipping from Edinburgh. When the DHL driver called to get better directions to my remote home in the Pennsylvania mountains, I barely got the phone hung up before running down the lane (like a kid at Christmas) to the gate to wait for him. A few moments of chatter were exchanged, to which I barely paid attention, and my package from Scot Web was in-hand. I ran back to the house and quickly, but as carefully as my excitement would allow, opened the package and sorted through and inspected the contents. Immediately, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the luxurious quality of the material. I grabbed up the pieces (kilt, free flashes, fly plaid, Irish kilt pin, Irish Clan Crest Brooch and soft Merino Wool kilt stockings) and slipped into my dressing room (I didn't want my wife to think I'd lost my mind) to try them on. Expertly tailored (by an artist more than a taylor), the gorgeous kilt fit perfectly. PRIDE is the best word I can use to describe the feeling of putting on this masterly crafted outfit - each piece a superb compliment to the other. I've got $1500 suits in my wardrobe that are less impressive than the kilt and fly plaid from Scot Web. Now, I'm a 49 year old man with a vivid imagination and a Celtic Heart, so it would probably be of little surprise that I can often be found at Celtic Festivals and Renaissance Faires. And I always made the attempt to dress appropriately, or so I felt until now. I think I will strut a little taller in my new garments. I have since joined Scot Web's site as a member, and with the new tartan designer, I designed my first Family tartan. My family members love it, and I will soon be ordering some formal ware and a new kilt and fly plaid in the new tartan. As for my experience: the ease of use, detail, functionality, positive reviews and security of the website, the fantastic quality (and for the price, unbelievable) of the product, the amazing staff, and the company living up to it's promise make it the best in the market. Cheers to you, and may your experience be as satisfying!

John , UK

Wrote... This kilt, while not my first for several years, on account of growing out of my last one (being at the time I was eight years old or so) went down a storm. Along with the shamrock emblem sporran and acompanying kilt pin I purchased, it all went to completing an outfit for a very special day. Made to measure it was and remains a dream to wear and I find myself finding reasons other that special occasions to wear it.

Michael J Harrington , IA, US

Wrote... I was extremely pleased with every aspect of ordering through and receiving the ordered product exactly as represented. I would not hesitate to reorder from this company.

Brent_10015197 , Montreal, Canada

Wrote... Kilt looks GREAT! Another store wanted to charge $1000 for a handmade Kilt, which did not look half as good as this one. The staff at scotweb is extremely professional and courteous with my numerous questions - this is my first Kilt. Very patient. I plan on wearing this to my Fraternity's formal event this spring and in the St Patrick's Day Parade. I will try and post a picture in my full formal wear once the argyll jacket comes in.

G Michael Kuhn , Florida, United States

Wrote... I say "ditto" to everything Brian wrote. My Roscommon kilt is gorgeous and fits like I was measured by the people who made it. I especially like the personal touch offered by the emails I received. I had to make a small change and it was handled very quickly and in a very friendly way by Kerry at the Irishkiltstore. It is a great web site, fun to look at, and easy to navigate. I have already ordered some other items. When I get a picture of me in my full regalia maybe I'll post a picture.

Brian_10007989 , Port Crane, NY

Wrote... I ordered an 8yd. Irish kilt in the Forde tartan on 6 June. Initial estimate of deliver was 8-12 weeks, but the finished kilt was shipped only 5 weeks later! Personalized e-mails and confirmation messages were excellent, as was the ability to track the order on-line. The kilt is gorgeous! Expertly tailored and it fits perfectly. All construction details are top-notch and it is obviously a professionally produced product. I am VERY happy with my kilt purchase from the, and would recommend them to one and all! The service, speed, and ease-of-ordering are all excellent.
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The Eight Yard Kilt shown in Irish National tartan

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