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This classic Jacobite outfit does traditional Celtic dress in unmistakable style. The waistcoat and shirt add very sexy authenticity to classic outfit.

Classic Jacobite Kilt Outfit, with Chieftain vest
by Balmoral Kilts and Highland Dress

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Kilt length: ?
Kilt seat: ?
Kilt waist: ?
Wearer's height: ?
Kilt length:
Kilt seat:
Kilt waist:
Wearer's height:
Colour: Black
Colour: ?
Chest Size: ?
Chest Size:
Colour: ?

Chain Strap

Chain Strap

Colour: ?
Waist Size: ?
Waist Size:
Shoe Size: ?
Shoe Size:
Size: ?
Belt Size: ?
Leather Colour: ?
Belt Size:
Leather Colour:
Colour: Arran
Colour: ?
Size: ?

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You'll be the envy of every admiring eye wherever you show up in this superb Jacobean kilt outfit. Never before has tradition been reflected in quality so perfectly, and we know you won't find internationally renowned tailoring at this price anywhere else. With each piece crafted to traditional standards, be confident that we would never dream of importing anything - unlike some of our competitors who often compromise Scottish heritage for cheap accessories. Choose your own tartan from our unrivaled range of the world's finest weavers, and let Balmoral make you look and feel magnificent. See our Frequently Asked Questions for advice on choosing the right ourfit for the right occasion. Or please Contact Us if you still aren't sure about anything at all. We're here to help! Click on the individual items listed for full product descriptions. Please note that the main illustration image may not show all items included.

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Classic Jacobite Kilt Outfit, with Chieftain vest

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