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123 8 Yard Traditional Tartan Kilts

Our traditional kilts are made with pure wool tartans from only the best mills. We supply almost any commercially-available tartan, in a range of...

123 Casual 5 Yard Tartan Kilts

Lighter and more affordable than a traditional 8 yard kilt, the Casual Kilt is the fashionable choice for any occasion other than the most formal.

123 Black & Plain Colour Kilts

Black wool kilts have always been a popular choice for black-tie gatherings and other fancy functions. Regardless of the event, you can be certain...

123 Tweed Kilts

Tweed kilts present a sophisticated and elegant ideal to any highlander outfit. Fashionable yet refined, tweed kilts are perfect for both casual and...

123 Leather Kilts

The ultimate in radical kilts, our pure leather or leather-mix kilts will make you stand out at any fashionable event. For those who to take a radical...

123 Denim Kilts

Cutting edge fashion kilts made in dark or light denim. Take a completely casual approach to kilt wearing with one of these stylish denim kilts.

123 Camouflage Kilts

Take a contemporary approach to kilt wearing with one of these stylish camouflage kilts. Available in a wide variety of camouflage styles, these...

123 Emblem Kilts

Show your wild side with this specially made kilt, complete with the Lion Rampant woven into the fabric! Stunning embroidery for casual or evening...

123 Irish Kilts

Ireland's kilt-wearing traditions are as ancient as the mists of time.